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Technology Transfer


16.5m Wave Piercer


One thing that has recently become apparent to France Helices is that the market for fast propulsion is changing. What we have seen is that many of our customers, rather than simply ordering equipment from a catalogue, have been buying our equipment as a solution, but also as a form of technology transfer. France Helices supplies not only the equipment, but also designs the vessel and acts as project managers during construction. This allows military and government customers to build high performance vessels locally, rather than by import. Presently, we have completed similar projects in the UAE, China, and Indonesia… And the list is growing daily. Why? Cost, national pride, local employment, self reliance. All are reasons.

This is why we started our design house, MDS, in Lebanon in order to service this emerging market and develop the market for our surface drives. This is why France Helices will also be establishing a second design house in the very near future (Will be announced on here when complete). In the meantime, you can download this brief PPT that lists some past projects that have been successful. Enjoy.


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