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New Naval Architects Directory

Banner-4Speed Afloat was started not only to discuss high speed propulsion, surface drives, and propellers. We always intended this site to be an information source related to high speed vessels.

Since naval architecture is so intertwined with propulsion and the ability to achieve high speeds and performance, we felt that it might be useful to our readers to start a naval architecture directory of services. A quick search of the web shows few such directories, save for the minor offerings by the associations. This directory is intended to provide a free promotional opportunity to those design houses and yards who wish to show their products.

Therefore, to get started, we began with our own listing, and invite any yards and naval architects who wish to list themselves to fill in the submission form, SUBMISSION FORM

This listing is 100% free of charge. There are no strings attached or hidden agendas. The more detail you provide, the more that you can connect with potential customers. We are even willing to build you a dedicated listing on this site if you submit a small logo and 100-200 words of boilerplate text.

We hope that you will find this directory useful.

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